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Marketing campaigns
Increase SOV while delivering tailored messages to address your customers' needs
You can choose from an array of engagement solutions each designed to meet specific needs of Doctors. Our promotional solutions deliver on all important success factors that are necessary for an impactful marketing campaign.
  • Promo 01
    Enhanced reach
  • Promo 02
    Campaign planning and strategy
  • Promo 03
    Continuous impact measurement & feedback
  • Promo web 01
  • Promo web 02
  • Promo web 03
Use rich media formats such as video interviews, interactive webinars, and infographics to convey medical information in the most efficient and engaging manner
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Market Research & Consulting
Develop in-depth market understanding to plan your business strategy
Why choose M3 India's online market research solution?
Whether you need a short survey to gauge customer sentiments or an in-depth understanding of market, you can trust our research solution to achieve your business goals.
  • Research 01
    Large panel of verified Doctors across metros and smaller cities
  • Research 02
    End to end solution from questionnaire planning to final recommendations and insights
  • Research 03
    Quick turnaround times ~ 60% - 70% lower vs. offline research
  • Research 04
    Qualitative research for exploratory studies and Quantitative studies for statistical validity
  • Research 05
    Experience across study types including pricing studies, market assessment to communication testing
Ms 03
Support educational initiatives for Doctors via online CMEs
Our short-duration CMEs, developed in partnership with leading Medical Associations and delivered by well-known Faculty, are aimed at improving the practice of evidence-based medicine, ultimately leading to better care for patients. Join us to lend your support to these educational initiatives and make an impact to the cause of medical education in India at scale.